Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This stuff is GOLD! (thepensblog)

Warning, this blog is about (errr aboot) hockey. Through various other readings I recently stumbled upon a blog devoted to the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey club (I still don't know they call themselves clubs, but that's the lingo and I just go with it). I knew it was out there but never really looked at it until recently. That blog has now emerged as a must read for me every day. There's a lot of my sense of humor on there:

Joe Benawhatever said that Malkin and Ovechkin were going at it like rams. What a weird sentence.

So, there we were -- 3-3, not even halfway through the game. This is what the new NHL should be.
Before you could catch your breath, Alexander Semin puts his stick into Kris Letang's face.( ...wait for it... ) [skip a few lines]
Alexander Semin went to the box after that for the hook. ( Not yet...) [skip a few lines]
( ...Now ) Semin leaves a bad taste in our mouths as he gets it past Conk.

Anyways, they do game recaps every day, previews and have tons of hilarious photoshopped pictures on their site. It's absolutely hysterical. Check it out!

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