Monday, September 25, 2006

Hatin on the Po-leece

So I'm cruising along the miserable drive back from Roanoke, VA to ATL when I find myself doing a cool 85MPH (in a 70). Luckily, I borrowed a work-friend's radar detector/laser jammer thing-a-mah-jig.

Lets paint the picture.

This laser jammer apparently makes their radar guns useless. From what I know, it seems too good to be true!!! Anyways, it was about 30 miles north of Charlotte on I-77. I was in the left lane, a bunch of other cars I'm trying to pass in the right lane. 2 cops in the middle of the interstate. As I pass I see one of em pulling out. Shit! So I'm thinking this damn thing doesn't work! I get over to the right lane, in the back of all those cars, and they are slowing down like mad. I'm talking 55MPH (remember, this is in a 70!, why are people so dumb?). The cop is approaching in the left lane and it kinds seems like he's gonna pass me. Or not. He gets behind me and pulls me over. But, not for speeding...for "following too closely"!!! (The damn thing DID work!!!!). The cop tells me from the start that he's gonna give me a warning. He goes back to his car with my license/insurance. When he gets back he asks me to get out of my car so that he could "explain this warning" to me. Huh? Whatever, I get out and he hands me a warning (telling me that for each 10MPH I'm going I need to be 1 full car length behind...whatever). He then asks if I can pop my trunk! (huh?) Whatever, I just wanted to go, but in my car! not his! I pop the trunk he looks around. He gets me to take my luggage out...and looks sorts through it! Dirty boxers and all! he then looked at my spare tire, then he made me open up some food my mom sent me off with!!!! (Now its getting personal!!!!) He even had the nerve to say "oooh, that looks good". Now I was almost expecting him to go back to his car and bring a dog out or something. This was a never-ending search! I've got NOTHING copper!!!! Finally he searches through my car and he's satisfied. It was nice to know that I seemed threatening at least, but DAMN!!!!

So I go on my way, get off at the next exit to get gas and calm down...reached for my sunglasses...SNAP. Damnit!!! I liked those glasses :(