Thursday, May 4, 2006

Meeting Bobby Bowden

On Monday night I went to the Atlanta Seminole Boosters Club Banquet. I met and got my picture taken with Bobby Bowden (which will damn surely go on this and any website I can find when they email it tome!).

After he spoke for a while there was a Q/A segment (there were probably 100+ people there) I stood up and asked him a question...I asked him what ring he was wearing (he has 2 national championship rings - which is 1 more than any Gaytor would have!)But he said it was a ring Burt Reynolds gave him. And when Burt and Loni Anderson got divorced, Loni asked for the ring back! But Bobby kept it :)

Tonight - I saw They Might Be Giants at a tiny venue (Variety Playhouse) here in Atlanta. Those guys are amazing (and hilarious)...second time I've seen them. The last time was at Stone Mountain in the rain with Scott, when I'd never really heard of them, but it was free, I went, and bought their greatest hits CD the next day!