Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Proposal

I realize I've basically left this blog for dead for a while now. Facebook and Twitter have kinda replaced the need for blogging I think. If I have a funny story, or something to share, I head there, not here. But, some things still have a place in the blogosphere. This is one.

So, it's been about 3 1/2 years since I've really done the blogging thing. There have been a few posts here and there for significant events - The death of my beloved Thrashers, the birth of my nephew (oh crap I never did post that! Sorry Micah!), and a "Why I'm Dumb" story of how I took someone else's luggage before going on a cruise.

I guess you can tell by the title of this particular blog, a lot has changed in 3 1/2 years. We'll skip the minor stuff and focus on Jamie, who very quickly became my best friend, and now fiancé (which is still weird to say).

We met playing kickball in Smyrna on or around Thursday July 14, 2011 (7:48pm, ish) The legend goes...we were on different teams. My team was an awesome powerhouse (ok, so we were below average) and Jamie's team was terrible (seriously, they were not good, we won 11-2). I was up and kicked a ball over everyone's heads (as I am prone to do). I ran around the bases as the outfielders went to retrieve the ball and just as I was about to finish off my inside the park homerun (there are no outside the park homeruns) guess who is standing in front of home plate, blocking it? I was not expecting that and just about accidentally ran her over. I managed to score without knocking her over, but that was the first time we physically crossed paths. (Although in the past, we have realized we were definitely in the same place at the same time before (going as far back to a concert outside Atlanta in 1999 that I drove up from Tallahassee to go to).

So fast forward to Wednesday April 10, 2013, 6:45pm, ish. We've been "together" for just over a year and a half. We had a late game (8:30pm) against the Hooligans, a different team that Jamie used to play on. Since the game was late, I suggested to the team that we meet at the league bar for pregame drinks. I certainly needed something. As we're walking out, Jamie says "we're just going to play a kickball game, I don't need my phone" (and left the phone behind). She left, I went back to grab the phone, knowing she'd probably want to make a few calls in a few hours (actually Tracy grabbed her phone since I couldn't actually find it). So that calmed me down, I now knew that Jamie had absolutely no idea that I was about to propose.

I had been in cahoots with the owner of the league, Eric, who is also the captain of the Hooligans. I knew I wanted to do this when our teams played each other. Basically everyone on the two teams are friends, which would make the event more memorable. A few weeks before the season began, I met with Eric to discuss my idea of proposing during a kickball game. We even were able to adjust the league schedule to have the game on a night that I thought would work the best. Next, I had to tell a few people from my own team about my plan. I had come up with a specific script for how I wanted this to go down. I wanted Jamie to be able to easily score a run, and I'd come meet her at home plate with the ring (and a "will you marry me?" sign).

The plan:
1st batter - (Terry) just get on base however
2nd batter (Jamie) I knew she was bunting, I had to make sure Eric (pitching) and Ashley (catcher) knew not to get her out.
3rd batter - (Scott) walk (this was tough, because if a guy walks and a girl is up next, the batter goes to 2nd. Brilliant because this gets Jamie to 3rd easily. Tough because it means that a run scores, which means Eric's teammates would probably be pissed!)
4th batter (Tracy) - This is where the first video picks up. She bunts, everyone's safe, bases loaded. Jamie still on 3rd.
5th batter (Kyle) - His job was to just kick it deep into the outfield so Jamie could trot home. Probably should've told him to take a pitch.
Each batter has their own at bat music (which I realized later I skipped Tracy's song, oops!), Kyle's song was ACDC - TNT. My plan was, when he kicked the ball, to change it to Bruno Mars - Marry Me. Well, he kicked the first pitch, so I had to hustle because Jamie was coming home full speed, so I forgot to change the music. So ACDC - TNT is now "our song" =)
I managed to get not 1, not 2, but 3 videos of the proposal...enjoy!!!!

Video #1 - via Meredith's phone. (My favorite noise ever happens at 40 seconds in)

Video #2 - via Christine's video camera

Video #3 - via Eric's Tripod mounted camera

For those wondering, we did have to restart the game, so the 2-0 lead (which would've really been at least 4-0 if I didn't interfere at home plate) didn't count. We wound up losing 6-4, but we'll chalk that up to some pretty serious distractions!