Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The SEC Tourney....SUCKED

This story starts out pretty good...

Friday afternoon I was allowed to leave work a little early to go down to the Georgia Dome for the SEC Tourney. I was given tickets to 2 games that afternoon, and went with Mancelle - former coworker and current Aarons escapee - but couldn't leave early enough for the Kentucky-Mississippi State game (it went to overtime, I got there right when OT started). Mississippi State won, but I was really too far away and confused to know what was going on.

After that game we decided to go get some food. While trying to decide what to eat, Mancelle bumps into a guy he went to college with - a guy he hadn't seen in over 10 years! Well, turns out this guy is (and I'm sure I'm screwing up his exact title) the SEC director of ticketing!!!! He gives us free passes for the entire tournament - auxiliary passes which allowed us to sit pretty much wherever we wanted.

So naturally (even battling through a cold) we went to all the games afterwards and sat right on the floor, just a couple rows back. Sat near some former NBA players throughout the weekend- Andrew DeClerq, Fred Hoiberg (bought Mancelle a coke!), Rex Chapman and Kevin McHale.

That was about it, almost all the games were blowouts. Mostly by the Gayturds. They kept their starters in the game until about a minute left each game. Nice.

I was gonna say the highlight was the cheerleaders, but then I remember that I'm more than 10 years older than any of them and then i just feel kinda creepy.

Ughhhhh, I could've used that time and slept more!!!!