Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Driving My "Smart Ass" Crazy!

This never happens. The other day, while I'm at work, I got a VERY random call from a recruiter. He said that someone who works with me said I'd be a good candidate for him to work with and asked if I was "happy" or if I was interested in possibly getting a new job. This mystery person - which he described as a "young lady who works there with you"mentioned that I was really good at what I do, was taking some classes a bit of a smart ass. What the?????? I'm more interested in who would tell a recruiter that than what the recruiter actually has to say!!!! But he said confidentiality prohibits him from telling me who it was. Damnit. I've asked around as to who I thought were the suspects, and they're all denying it. I've gotta crack this case!!!!!!!!

Side note - How do you spell "damnit"? Spellchecker on here is saying "dammit" but I think that looks dumm.

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