Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why I'm Dumb (Part 300)

I've had a strange number of people in the last few weeks tell me I need to start blogging again. (Even though blogging is sooooooo 2010-BC) errr not 2010 BC, but as in BC are the initials of the quote, ahhh never mind. What I'm saying is...I'm dusting this thing off and let's see what happens. No commitments but I can at least write about my stupidity one more time.

So, flew into Miami yesterday where I decided to be obnoxious and wear my "Sucks to be U" anti-U of Miami shirt with my really really dirty beaten up FSU hat that I love. I noticed the guy behind me on the plane had an Oregon hat on, we talked college football a bit, he asked how FSU was gonna be this year, then gave me shit for our loss to USF a few years ago during "the lost decade" of FSU football. I just laughed it off, thought better of making any anti-Oregon comments.

But, not why I'm dumb. After a rocky plane ride, and a very slow de-planing process, we made our way to baggage claim. Mine & Tracy's bags came out right about next to each other. I remembered mine was wet from the rain and commented that it looked like it was a dead animal laying on its belly because of the way it looked on the baggage carousel. Anyways, grabbed the bags, headed to find a "welcome to Miami" sign to pose in front of and then off to find my parents who were circling the airport waiting on us.

Traveling in a strange city with my parents is always an event. 100% completely relying on their TomTom these days. Between that and 2 iPhones we still managed to need a few u-turns to find our way to our hotel. Part of the problem is i had a few random number missed calls disrupting my direction-giving. Finally we get on the right path.

I don't know how the majority of people handle missed calls from unknown numbers. I let my voicemail "Blondie" as my dad has named her, answer missed calls for me. The first one was an Atlanta number, "Blondie" sent me an alert that I received a voice mail from a Pamela. I don't know any Pamela's so i disregarded it and focused back on getting to the hotel. About 10 minutes later, another unknown number calls, this time from a Miami area code. Weird. But I didn't think anything of it until "Blondie" pops back up saying I have a missed call from Delta Airlines. Again, I didn't think much of it, I looked around the car to make sure I wasn't missing anything like my phone or my wallet (yes, even though I was clearly USING my phone the thought popped in my head that I may have left it behind). So I decide to give these voicemails a listen. Turns out, I grabbed the wrong suitcase!!!! I was almost afraid to say it after all the u-turns we had already made but I had to tell my dad that we had to go back the airport!

I can't believe I managed this, I've never seen anyone with the same bag as me, and I always check for my bag tag for my name! Except, thinking it over, I didn't this time. So back to the airport I go, called Pamela back and said how stupid, embarrassed and sorry I was and we'd be back with her bag in a few minutes. So back to the airport, I see my bag at the Delta office and saw three people sitting around waiting as if they were completely stranded...including... Oregon guy! He looked at me and said, oh no! You! I knew I shouldn't have took shots at FSU! Haha, "karma" I replied, completely jokingly. I again said how sorry, stupid, I felt. And so glad they weren't mad. Our bags weren't even that similar, I mean, same set, but she had the shorter fatter version, while mine was longer and wider. Whoops.