Tuesday, January 8, 2008

LSU is good, Ohio State and FOX? Not so much

So last night LSU won the National Championship over Ohio State, who is now halfway to becoming the Buffalo Bills of college football (they lost 4 straight Super Bowls back in the 90's). I guess it was last year that Fox bought the broadcasting rights to all the non Rose Bowl BCS games. What a TERRIBLE idea that turned out to be! ABC had been doing it, and I'm sure whatever amount of money they offered was close enough to Fox that it would have been worth it to stick with them. But what do I know about the dollars involved in a sports broadcast contract. All I know is that Fox is AWFUL. They seem to do alright with the NFL, but for whatever reason they can't hang with the college game.

It was pretty rare that they showed a replay after anything worth seeing happened. The commentary was terrible. Not only with annoying voices but sometimes they had no clue what was going on. They had fu&*()ing Urban Cryer on the pregame/halftime set. After every play, instead of showing a replay, they showed either LSU or OSU's band. And when they did show a replay with their ridiculous "Jumper" picture, it was a replay of something that happened a couple of quarters ago. At the end of the 3rd quarter, LSU had the ball, and got tackled out of bounds. The clock kept running. I was the only one who seemed to notice this. The announcers couldn't care less. They sure as hell didn't show a replay! Then at the end of the game, when it was clear that LSU had the game won...all they could talk about was Ohio State. All the stats were about Ohio State, I don't think I ever even saw any LSU stats. Like maybe they could've told us that 10 different players caught passes...8 different players ran the ball...I had to look it up. To give you an idea of how Ohio State played, 4 players caught passes, 3 ran the ball. The only thing they even said about LSU was about Hurricane Katrina and how the team has helped the city. Come on!!!!

But my biggest pet peeve of the night is that 3 times (THREE!!!!!) the football fell off the tee before a kickoff. The game is in a DOME!!!! How does that happen?

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Stuart said...

I do have a question though.
Several of the LSU players they talked about in the first half were majoring in Interdartmental Studies.
Exactly what is that? Major is Phys Ed and minor in Basket Weaving?