Monday, January 14, 2008

Hooray for a good sports weekend! Finally!

It's been a long time. Every team I root for either sucks or, well, ok, they usually just suck. The Mets...choked. The Jets...sucked. FSU...ughhhh. (And now FSU's basketball team is down to about 2 scholarship players or something because of injuries or what-not). The Thrashers, well, we'll still see about them. I know its kind of odd to root for both the Jets & Giants, but, well, get over it. They hardly play each other, it's not a rivalry, so I can deal with it.

Finally this weekend was a good one. The Thrashers won a great game Saturday night, beating the Pittsburgh Penguins (who had won something like 9 in a row). They were losing 2-1 after 2 periods and tied it right away in the 3rd and won it in a shootout. The game winner coming from Mark Recchi (the same Mark Recchi who the Penguins tossed to the Wolves, well, the Thrashers, the Wolves would be insulting - and I would be shocked if anyone who reads this other than me got that joke - The Wolves are the Thrashers minor league team).

Then last night, the Giants beat the hated Dallas Cowboys. Tony Homo can go back and cry in Jessica Simpson's boobs. Terrell Owens can sit back and eat as much popcorn as he wants while watching the Giants-Packers NFC Championship game next Sunday! Did anyone see him after the game? CRYING about how it's not fair how the media picks on Tony Homo???? Poor baby. I've gotta admit though, the whole game, I was sure the Giants were gonna lose. It was until there was a 4th and 11 for the Cowboys at the end of the game that I let myself get excited. And Homo threw a Cowboys season-ending pick in the end zone. WOW! The Giants have won 9 straight road games. If they make it 10, they go to the Super Bowl! But, first a stop in Green Bay, where Brett Farvuruh awaits. Should be a good game. Hopefully Eli Manning has finally realized he's never gonna be Peyton, he just can't LOSE the game for the Giants with his stupid mistakes. Let the rest of the team do it's job and we'll be good. Go G'Men!!!!

And go CHARGERS! I was rooting for the Colts, just because I think they have a better shot at the Pacheatriots, but it was pretty impressive that they won without pretty much their 3 best offensive players being healthy (LT, Rivers, Gates). Hopefully those guys are ok and can give New England some payback for last season.

Oh, and to top off my joy this weekend, the Braves made a pretty bad trade. They got Mark Kotsay (and his Andruw Jones-like season - he hit .214 with one homer and 20 RBIs) for their first round draft pick from a few years ago - Joey "I think Grand Slams are" Devine.

Now, I've got a dilemma for next Sunday:
Edmonton Oilers @ Atlanta Thrashers 2pm
Chargers-Pacheatriots 3pm
Giants-Packers 6:30pm
I've only missed 3 Thrashers games so far this year. I'd HATE to miss one where I'd also miss the Canadian Anthem. If I were to go to the game, I should make it home by 5 to see most of the 2nd half. I could tivo it and watch with alot of fast forwarding to finish before the Giants game. Or I could skip the Thrashers game.

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