Thursday, November 30, 2006

Down With the Leaves

Holy crap! 2 months without a blog!

As much as I love the entire nation of Canada. I've always had one problem with the hockey team hailing from Toronto. They are known as the Toronto Maple Leafs. Yes, thats not a typo, "Leafs". I'm not sure I'll ever understand it, but, I refuse to play dumb. I will always and forever call them the "Leaves". Its just bad grammar, and I am too smart to simply play along with that game.

Now, for the game, the "Leaves" had beaten the Thrashers 8 straight times and we just weren't gonna take it anymore. Marian Hossa (pictured in one of my, uhhh, pictures) scored 3 goals and the thrashers won 5-0. There was also a pretty good fight at the end of the game! And one of my favorite Thrashers, Slava Koleslaw had 4 assists.

I got tickets through my work in their suite. In this suite was, well, nothing but a 5 foot tall stuffed "lucky" dog. After the game, a buddy of mine was chatting with the suite next to ours. Of course they had a stocked bar and all kinds of food. He managed to get a hot dog out of them. But that wasn't enough. We really had nothing to offer in the way of a trade, well, except the dog. So I stepped up and did what any good negotiator would do. I traded the dog for the rest of their food. And it was worth it! (About 20 minutes later I went over and begged for the dog back)