Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why I'm Dumb (Part 295)

I know I've said this before, but this deserves to count for WAYYYYY more than one.

I think I'm a pretty typical single guy. I don't cook too often, therefore I don't clean too often. Well, 2 weekends ago Laurens' dad and sister (Meredith) were coming for a weekend visit. I decided to give the kitchen a good old cleaning for once. I scrubbed everything down, counter tops, stove, sink...

Well, it took about a week and a half before I was next going to make use of the stove. I turned on the main burner I usually use and noticed something weird. The flame was A LOT higher than normal. I thought better of actually using it, and checked some of the other burners...none of the other three worked. The just made the clicking sound. Seems strange, like all the gas was going to the one burner. Luckily I've got a home warranty on my appliances, so for just $55 a guy will come out and either fix or replace whatever isn't working.

Not that this was an easy process, I called the warranty people Sunday night and they said someone would call me Monday morning. They did, left me a message before I even got to work. I called them back right away, left a message and heard nothing back all day. Called again after work, still nothing. Well, first thing Tuesday morning, just as I was getting out of the shower, they called me. I finally setup an appointment for Wednesday between 4-6pm. Luckily Lauren has a flexible work schedule and is able to be home for stuff like this. Well, she also planned on going out of town, so was hoping for them to show closer to 4pm than to 6pm. Well, the guy didn't show until 6:40 (of course). (sorry, and thanks again Lauren!)

Now for the reason for tonight's blog. The guy walks over to the stove and IMMEDIATELY sees the problem. When I was cleaning the stove, I took the cap-things off of each burner to clean. Well, apparently they're different sizes and I PUT THEM BACK IN THE WRONG SPOTS!!!!! I'm sure deep down inside the guy got a good laugh at my expense and walked out with my not-well-spent-$55 :(

How dumb do I feel????? Although, I could've sworn I tested the burners without those covers on at all and they still didn't work. So I'm not totally sure I understand all this. But...lesson learned. No more cleaning the kitchen!!!!!

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