Monday, June 30, 2008

Lina, Where's Your Car? Sweet!

Friday night I went out with a couple of Matt's coworkers to the new Fado in Buckhood. Actually, we may be to the point where I will call it Buckhead again. I hadn't been down there in quite a while. But they knocked down and completely rebuilt Fado. I didn't go there too often, but it was always packed and really hard to move around at all. Well, the new Fado is friggin HUGE. There are 3 stories now, although the 2nd level is pretty minimal. The first floor is huge, then eventually we went up to the 3rd floor where there is a bar and a patio area on the roof, with a nice view of a bunch of construction. But eventually, it'll turn into a really nice view.

The original plan (I thought) was to go to Fado for a bit, then head back to East Andrews to watch some 80's cover band. With that in mind I parked right by East Andrews (for free! But a half mile from Fado) and thought it'd make sense for later. Well, we wound up staying at Fado all night. One of Matt's coworkers (and one of my new kickball teammates), Lina, parked closer to Fado, but she wasn't in any condition to be driving, so Matt and I were, so we decided to go to her car and drive us over to where me and Matt parked. One problem. Lina forgot where she parked! We started walking around for a bit when I decided lets just make the walk back to our cars and we can drive around and find Lina's car. Since I'm not the type that likes walking around at 2:30am for no reason in particular in an area I know as Buckhood...I was putting my foot down on this one. All Lina kept saying was that she was sure it was towed. Which didn't make sense because she also was sure she parked in a legal spot. So off we went. Me and Matt went and walked back to our cars and told Lina we'd pick them up and try and find her car. It was pretty amazing how many COPS we saw as we were walking. Even state troopers were patrolling the area. I don't know if they were just really on top of things or if this was all part of the "new buckhead" area. Anyways, so we pick her up and start driving around where she thought it may be. And she kept just saying her car was towed.

I decided to drive back right to Fado's front door to try and retrace her steps to get there...and wouldn't you know block away...Lina's car. And wouldn't you know it...a FLAT TIRE!!!!! It wasn't totally flat so we were able to drive it to the closest gas station. We put air in it, then Matt was gonna drive her to her place and I'd follow to pick him up. Well, just as Matt was driving out, I started honking...I could HEAR the air leaking out of the tire! So I got him to stop and we went ahead and put her donut on. It could've been worse, there was a guy at the same gas station on the phone with the cops because some of his "friends" stole his car! He kept saying that he shouldn't have trusted these people! People have "friends" that will take your car???? Oh well, we had our own problems! So eventually Matt got the donut on, but that also looked kinda flat. Back to the air...filled it up and finally got her home. I took Matt back to his car and then finally off to bed. Ironically I saw a police van dealing with their own flat tire on my way home! I finally got home at 4AM. And not the good 4am...

Saturday was spent catching up on my new favorite show "Weeds"... It's on Showtime...and since I get Showtime for free, I may as well. Then Saturday night went to the good ole Dixie Tavern to see a cover band that Lauren promised was good. Asphalt Grunge is their name...and they were pretty good. Not as good as the band we used to see there - Princess something, but every song they played I recognized. A few too much Pearl Jam, but I got over it. They played 2 Rage songs, so I was happy...

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