Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Why do I Root for Teams that Most Resemble The Bad News Bears?

College baseball doesn't get a whole lotta love, but anything FSU related gets my attention. The FSU baseball team made the College World Series for the 20th time in school history. The College World Series is an 8 team double-elimination tournament. In 20 attempts, we've managed 0 (ZERO, ZILCH, NADA, NONE, NO) championships. Even by blind luck you'd think we'd find an acorn at least once, right? Wrong! And this year was no different. But that doesn't mean they don't keep teasing me. On Saturday, with FSU (featuring the nation's best offense, averaging almost 10 runs a game) losing 5-2 in the bottom of the 8th to Stanford, they tie the game at 5 on a huge 3-run HR by 2nd baseman Jason Stidham. Finally, signs of life! So go to the top of the 9th. And I have never in all my life seen the things that happened, happen in a game. With a couple of runners on base, a guy from Stanford hits a hard line drive down the first base line. It goes past first base in fair territory, lands - apparently - right on the line and then hooks foul. Should be a fair ball, but the umpire points convincingly that it was a foul ball. That would've scored a couple of runs. Clearly a blown call, but what can you do? Instead of seizing the opportunity, FSU went the other direction. I'm pretty sure they felt bad for Stanford, so they let them score 11...ELEVEN...ONCE (thats spanish) runs. Included in this fiasco were two terrible errors by the somewhat injured and always terrible defensive shortstop, Tony Delmonico. Dude made 30 errors this season, which was about 60 games. Even I could do better than that! He had more errors than the rest of the team combined (ok, I didn't look that up, but someone told me so it has to be true). They do rank 171 in the NCAA in fielding percentage. 171! How is that even possible for a team ranked #4 in the entire country???

So after losing 16-5 on Saturday, FSU next faced #1 Miami (who also lost because of a bad 9th inning on Saturday) of all teams in an elimination game. FSU and Miami had a bench clearing brawl back in April in Tallahassee. Now remember, this is baseball, so by "brawl" I mean each player from both teams came out of the dugout, stayed plenty far away from each other and had a staring contest. Last night (for me it was last night, the game was at 2pm, but with the miracle that is DVR, the game started at about 6pm) FSU had 14 hits in the first 8 innings and only managed 2 runs. Thats nauseating! (wow I spelled that right!). In the bottom of the 8th, Miami hit a leadoff homer to make the score 7-2. That was about all I could take, I fast-forwarded through the rest of the inning, which somehow went pretty quietly. So now time for the 9th inning. And wouldn't ya know it, FSU's offense finally wakes up, they cut the lead to 7-5, with first and third for the NCAA Player of the Year, FSU Catcher, Buster Posey. He already had 4 hits on the day, he was one HR away from leading the nation in EVERY offensive stat. But no, he walks. Loading the bases with two outs and FSU cleanup hitter Jack Rye coming up. But alas, as is the case with any team I root for, they end their season with a loss as Rye grounded out to 2nd. FSU left an College World Series record 17 - SEVENTEEN! DIEZ Y SIETE (all those years of spanish pay off finally!) runners on base. Unbelievable.

But thats not all. The Mets. My Mets. This season was supposed to be big. They added the best pitcher in the world, Johan Santana, but they just never got it going. So even after a 9-6 win last night over one of the best teams in the American League (the I refuse to call them Los Angeles, Anaheim Angels) the Mets fired their manager (and their pitching coach and their first base coach for good measure) Willie Randolph at about 3am ET.

Ughhhhhh. No more baseball for me for a while!!!!!! (any guesses on how long that actually lasts?)

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Stuart said...

Now you can root for the good guys, NY Yankees