Monday, June 30, 2008

An Interview With a Winner

For the first time in J-Blog history, we're sitting down for an interview with Lauren Lewis, professional radio contest prize winner.

The J-Blog: (ruffling papers) Hi Ms. Lewis, thanks for stopping by.

Lauren Lewis: It's great to be here.

J: So I heard you got a phone call today, tell me about that.

LL: Q-100 called me this morning and said, Hi Lauren, you have just won one of our online contests." And I said, "oh, what did I win?" and she said, "you just won a treadmill and a peachtree road-race number". I screamed, "oh my gosh! I can't believe this! Are you serious?" And she said, "it's true, it's true you sound so excited! You won a treadmill valued at $3,500!". So i said, "I can't believe this! what number did I get?", she said it was in the 4-group. "I said, "oh great!". And then she said "A treadmill will be delivered in 8 weeks, call us if you haven't received it by then."

J: Speaking of $3, owe me rent money for July.

LL: Oh, whatever, hahahahaha, oh, I do have a check for you though.

J: This isn't the first phone call like this you've gotten, is it?

LL: No, its actually not, I've won so many things! It's unbelievable! However, I've never won money.

J: As I recall, that's not entirely accurate.

LL: It actually is accurate. I've won a trip to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean with the Backstreet Boys but then they couldn't go, so they offered me a cash option instead. Because it was pointless to go without them!
J: Actually it sounds perfect without them!

LL: Well, to you maybe. Most of the other prizes I've called in to win.

J: Do you have stats to back that up?

LL: Yeah, 3 out of 32.

J: Holy shit, hold on. I don't know if I'm more impressed that you won 32 times or that you really have been keeping track of all of it! Do you have a spreadsheet?

LL: No spreadsheet.

J: Want one?

LL: hahahaha, are the Excel King!

J: Maybe list off a couple of your favorites

LL: There's just so many

J: Well, I've got some time, go for it.

LL: Here goes, in no particular order: NSYNC tickets - twice, Britney tickets - twice, Star 94 Halloween Party, Q100 Halloween Party, Q100 Beach Party, Front row Justin/Christina tickets, Justin tickets, Met Maroon 5 backstage, Meet and Greet Backstreet Boys, Trip to Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean with the Backstreet Boys, Backstreet Boys tickets, Meet and Greet again with Backstreet Boys, Music Midtown VIP passes 2005, Destiny Child final tour tickets, Premiere passes to Mission Impossible 3, $75 gift certificate to Murphy's in the Highlands, Janet Jackson DVD, Braves tickets, Trip to Orlando to see spring training of the Braves, Gwen Stefani tickets, Pay my bills - Dentist $150, Kelly Clarkson tickets, LL Cool J tickets, Ipod, American Idol tickets and meet and greet with Ruben and Clay, 99X Lunch at work with free movie passes, Box of CD's, Super bowl party, Treadmill, Peachtree Road race number.

J: Holy shit! There's a lot of lame stuff in there

LL: That's just mean.

J: That's how I really seem to like that Justin Timberfag fellow

LL: Yeah, just a little bit...

J: So when are we going to see The Love Guru?

LL: Soon.

J: Do you have any tricks or secrets in how to win all this stuff?

LL: Not really, just persistence pays they say.

J: Who says that?

LL: They.

J: So what are you gonna do with the treadmill?

LL: It's so big and bulky I...

J: (interrupts...) That's what she said!

LL: hahahahaha, that's funny...

J: Ok, so seriously, where the hell are you gonna stash a treadmill in here?

LL: Probably my bedroom.

J: What's been your favorite prize that you've won?

LL: I think the front row Justin tickets were pretty awesome, but I think I'm going to enjoy the treadmill. Plus, its the most expensive prize.

J: We have a question from someone in the audience...please stand up sir. What is your name?

Stuart Zaikov: Stuart Zaikov.

J: Oh, hi dad. What's your question?

SZ: $3,500??? wow does it do your walking for you? the one we bought several years ago cost $ 500 or so and had lots of bells and whistles cant imagine what this would have for so much money maybe it also cooks dinner and cleans bathrooms?

LL: Oh, Hi Mr. Zaikov, thanks for your question! I hope it actually burns calories for me!

J: That Super Bowl party was actually something I got to enjoy! We ate all the food before we went to the party!

LL: (giggles) Yeah, that was awesome!

J: Alright, well, we're about out of time. Much thanks to Lauren for being here, apologies to Matt Damon, we ran out of time.

LL: Sure, no problem it was great being here.


Stuart said...

I think that guy from the audience asked some great questions and should get a substantial reward.

J said...

Everyone who was in the audience gets a brand new car!