Sunday, June 22, 2008

FSU advance to College World Series Finals

Ok, so not MY FSU, but the logo's are pretty similar. Both Fresno State and Florida State made it to the College Baseball World Series in Omaha, but unlike my FSU, Fresno State has made it all the way to the championship series! Unlike in basketball, where all 64 teams are "seeded" from 1-16, where teams seeded 1 are the top 4 teams in the country and teams seeded 16 have never won a game in the tournament. In baseball, the top 8 teams in the country are given a "national seed", Florida State was #5. Fresno State was not seeded. In the baseball tournament, there are basically 16 teams seeded #1, 16 teams #2, 16 teams #3 and 16 teams #4. Fresno State is a #4 seed. Thats equivalent to a #13-16 seed in basketball. In basketball, none of those teams have ever made the Final Four. In baseball, a #4 seed had never made it to Omaha (where the final 8 teams remaining square off each year). Fresno State probably wouldn't have even made the NCAA tournament if they didn't win their conference tournament. Not only did Fresno State make it to the NCAA Tourney, they won their regional, won their super-regional against #3 National Seed at Arizona State which led them to Omaha. They're now 45-30 this season, but 8-3 in the NCAA Tournament, with all those wins against teams ranked in the top 20. They've beaten 3 of the top 8 teams in the country in the last 2 weeks (#2 North Carolina, #3 Arizona State, #6 Rice) Pretty impressive! Now we've got an all Bulldog finals. Go FSU!!!!

2008 College World Series National Championship Schedule:
Game 1 Monday June 23 Fresno State vs. #8 Georgia, 7pm, ESPN2
Game 2 Tuesday June 24 Fresno State vs. #8 Georgia, 7pm, ESPN
*Game 3 Wednesday June 25 Fresno State vs. #8 Georgia, 7pm, ESPN
*If necessary (Best of 3 series)

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