Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The streak is over :(

(Yes, I'm still working on Part 3 of the wedding movie script...I've been busy!)

Tonight will mark the end of a mini-era. I will miss my first Atlanta Thrashers home game of the season. I have been to all 12 home games so far (they won 6 and lost 6 for anyone counting), and lucky number 13 will be the first one I miss. And it's the Thrashers debut of future hall of famer Mark Recchi who was just picked up off waivers from the Penguins! Yeah, yeah, I know, you guys don't care. I do! It's a sad day :(

But hopefully not too sad! I have a doctors appointment follow up today, which is why my parents are in town, and why I'm missing the game!

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