Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Me Update

I swear, I haven't forgotten Part 3, its at least halfway done!!!!

So yesterday I had a follow up appointment for my eye. (My radiation was 11 months ago!!! January sucked, but time I guess has flown by since then!) Everything's going really good! The remains of the tumor (please remember to use the Arnold voice) has shrunk in thickness by about 21% which is really good. The diameter apparently won't really shrink too much, but the thickness is what's important from what I've learned. The only bad news I got all day is that my doctor is leaving Emory!!!! I am SOOOOOOOO thankful that I got to be under his care while he was still there. He's a great man, and he even cracked a joke on me yesterday. I have a history of wearing slightly humorous shirts, as most of you know. My mom asked me if I still wear my glasses at all. So I said, rarely, only when I want to look smart. Without a pause, Dr. Aaberg comes back with "you'd look alot smarter if you stopped wearing those shirts." Ouch!!!!!! :)

The pressure in my eye also went down from 23 to 21 (whatever that means, but its a good thing). I had 2 separate doctors (including Aaberg) who mentioned that marijuana and alcohol (Hooray BEER!!!!) help lower eye pressure!

So in all, I had 4 hours worth of exams, including about 10 different eye drops, reading a couple of eye charts (I'm still 20-20!), a sonogram, about 4 sudoku puzzles and way too many digital photos that irritated the HELL out of my eye. But in the end, I got good news and that's all that matters!!!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and good wishes, they worked!!!! And most of all, thank you Dr. Aaberg! I'll miss you!

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