Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coming to the Defense of my 'Noles

An academic cheating scandal could leave Florida State without as many as
25 players for its Music City Bowl game against Kentucky on New Year’s Eve,
coach Bobby Bowden said Tuesday.

The university reported its findings in a letter to the NCAA in September
after a six-month investigation by the school revealed at least 23 athletes in
various sports were interviewed in regard to cheating on an online music history

So there it is. I'm awaiting the call to actually suit up and play defense in the Bowl Game on New Years Eve, but until then, I'll just defend them. I actually took that Music History class when I was in school. Ironically, the professor at the time (not sure if its the same guy) was a man named Tommy Wright. He wrote the FSU fight song and is alledgedly the face that the Seminole head logo is modelled after. Anyways, I took the class while I was at FSU, obviously it wasn't online, but it was probably one of the easiest classes around. I'm almost positive I never studied and still managed at least a B in there. I'm not condoning cheating, but for them to make that class an online class...thats just asking for trouble. I'm convinced that this goes on at every school, but that doesn't make it ok. They got caught, up to 25 athletes (not just football) are gonna get suspensions. And that sucks for me, because my life revolves around FSU football and now they're gonna suck again next year and I'm gonna suffer right there with them!

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