Friday, December 28, 2007

A Moment of Silence

Georgia brewheisters steal 2,600 cases of beer
Thieves on the lam after taking loaded tractor-trailers and swiping the suds

ALBANY, Ga. - Sounds like some south Georgia crooks have been stocking up for a big holiday bash.

Thieves took tractor-trailers loaded with beer and swiped the suds twice within the past week, authorities said.

Dougherty County authorities are investigating a report of a missing 53-foot-long trailer that was loaded with more than 2,300 cases of beer. Police said the beer disappeared sometime between Dec. 21 and Thursday.

Also on Dec. 21, more than 300 cases of beer were stolen from another tractor-trailer, which had a tracking device. The trailer was driven about three miles before it was emptied, according to police.

I'll do some math for you guys...2,600 cases, 24 beers in a case...carry the one...that's 62,400 beers have been kidnapped!!!! What a heinous (yes I had to get help from my friend Mr. Spellchecker) crime! It's good to know that the beer trucks had tracking devices. Hopefully the beer can be recovered and sent to my fridge where it belongs before it gets too skunky!

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