Friday, December 21, 2007

(Kinda sorta) Meeting Tom Glavine

Tonight I went to one of the best games I think I ever saw the Thrashers play. They played the (arguably) NHL-best Ottawa Senators. This season the Thrashers have gotten out shot (by alot) in all but 2 games. Tonight they come out and manage to get 21 shots in the first period...a franchise record. Of course, they were losing 1-0. They wound up winning 3-2 while getting another franchise record 45 shots.

You're probably wondering, isn't Tom Glavine a baseball player? Yep. But, did you know...he was drafted into the NHL as a goalie* by the L.A. Kings? In the 4th round! Brett Hull, a future hall of famer was drafted 2 rounds later. Luc Robitaille, another future hall of famer was drafted by the Kings 5 rounds later! True story! Anyways, Tom Glavine recently signed with the Atlanta Braves, which is where he belongs and where I hope he has a miserable season!!! He was also sitting 3 rows in front of me at the game tonight with his wife and two kids (as you can see by the terrible picture from my phone). My last memory of Tom Glavine was on the last day of the regular season when he single handedly blew it for my Mets by allowing 8 runs in 2/3rds of the first inning. If the Mets would've won that game, they would've had a shot at making the playoffs. But they didn't and they completed one of the biggest choke jobs of all time. And I remember being with my family in New Jersey driving and listening to that crap on the radio. I was soooooo PISSED.

I had to at least say something to him though. When I first realized he was there, I was gonna actually try and talk to him, but he had a HUGE thing of nachos he was shoving in his face. So, I didn't want to bother him. I didn't get a chance til the game was over, I just asked him if he was up for suiting up to play goalie if the Thrashers needed him. He laughed and said no way. And that was it. I didn't have the balls to tell him I was a Mets fan and incredibly mad at him!!! :)

EDIT: I was wrong, I learned today (01/08/08) that Tom Glavine was NOT a goalie, he was a center. Or, as they say up north, a centre. My bad!


Lauren T. said...

Very cool story! I love to hear about people running into athletes in public, when said athletes are doing totally normal things like scarfing nachos. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, maybe you started something? He was supposed to practice with the team today...