Monday, December 17, 2007

Kim & Brian's Wedding Weekend, Part III - Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cooper

I think I let this wait long enough, hell the wedding was 1 month ago today and I promised myself to get this done before their honeymoon, so without for uhhh due...
So by now you're probably dying to know if we made it back in time for pictures!!!! No? Oh well, I'll end the suspense anyways...we did. I cut myself shaving about 4 times, but I made it! And it turned out that the photographer didn't even get started with us for another half hour or so, so we would've had plenty more time to wait at the bar for some more food and drinks that we'd probably never see! Ok, enough bitching about that place.
I guess this would be a good time to let everyone know that there are gonna be many pictures scattered throughout this blog. They're not exactly in chronological order, but it's too much work for me to rearrange them, and everyone knows that laziness is one of my best qualities!
I do have a new-found appreciation for photographers. Who knew that taking pictures would be such hard work? Well, when you're up against the clock and trying to get about 50 people gathered for specific planned pictures. Its tough! I got to play the role of Kim's bitch for a couple of hours...Emily tricked me into it!!!! So I had to make sure everyone was where they needed to be. Which was also tough, considering some people (I won't mention dannyone's name) hadn't even arrived at the hotel yet! After family pictures were done, Kim and Brian were officially getting married...I think. The wedding party, parents and two witnesses were all in a conference room while the rabbi actually married them. The end.

Just kidding!
So now comes the actual ceremony. Remember how I said during the rehearsal dinner that we never actually rehearsed?? Well, nothings changed. Still haven't rehearsed. I had no clue what I was supposed to be doing. First I was told that I was gonna be walking Bubbie to her seat then come back outside. Simple enough. Then I got back in line, in some order that may or may not have been randomly determined while I was gone. Everything wound up working out just fine. All us groomsmen were able to figure out where to go...then the bridesmaids and all the other normal wedding stuff. Brian came out...then came Kim. Everyone stood, I assume to block my view. Thanks guys! So Kim walked down the aisle, and started walking circles around Brian. Needless to say I was confused, but apparently there's a Jewish tradition that I didn't know about:
There is a longstanding tradition among Jews that when the bride first arrives at the Chuppah, she walks around him seven times. Circling is a magical means of protection. By walking around the groom, the bride creates an invisible wall to protect him from evil spirits. Her circuits symbolically create a new family circle, demonstrating that her primary commitment has shifted from her parents to her husband and that her husband is now bound to her more intimately than to
his parents.

Learn something new everyday, huh? So they got married (again?) then after the ceremony, we totally winged the walking out portion. And the wedding party got to rest up, eat a little, drink a little and take some more pictures downstairs during the cocktail hour. At this point I was absolutely exhausted, I'm not used to being on my feet for more than 10 minutes at a time! (Kidding! But seriously, I was running around standing for a couple hours, and as I mentioned earlier...I'm way too lazy for that! I took this time to do some research for my speech, it was a college football Saturday and I hadn't seen any score updates in HOURS!!! People were counting on me for me for updates! Most important game was first...for Brian (and Emory), Kansas beat Iowa State, for whatever reason someone was disappointed to know that Miami lost to Virginia Tech (sorry Lauren, although you are the only non-obnoxious Miami fan I've ever met...more on that later).

Turns out this is gonna be a four-part story, hell, maybe five at this rate!!!! Keep checking!!!!

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