Monday, January 19, 2009

Worst. 80's Night. Ever.

I went with some friends to the Dixie Tavern (which I lovingly call the Dicksee tavern due to the unfortunate guy:girl ratio) Saturday night for 80's night. Who doesn't love 80's night, right?????

Well.....this was BIZARRE. From the time we got there until they closed the place down, I heard 5 (FIVE!!!!) 80's songs. The band looked like a bunch of guys from Def Leppard, except with all their extremities still attached. The music they played was baffling to me. When I got there they played a couple of Pink Floyd songs, which, although before my time, I'm pretty sure that's not from the 80's. But things got really confusing when they started playing songs by Kid Rock, Jet, Buckcherry and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Next Saturday night is 70's night. I guess that's when the 80's music gets played?

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