Friday, January 9, 2009

F&*K the SEC!

I am sooooooo sick of the SEC. Last night's National Title game was lost because Oklahoma - the highest scoring team in the nation - couldn't score a single point on two separate possessions inside the 10 yard line in the first half. But I'm not here to talk about the game. I'm not even gonna talk about the Tebowner disease that has now spread to Fox's (AWFUL) announcers.

I'm here to bitch about SEC fans. I'm sick of you. I'm not even talking about Florida fans, who are far and away the most obnoxious of them all. Even though 95% of Florida fans have never even stepped foot on campus. I'm talking mainly about Georgia fans...rooting for the 'Turds last night. WTF? Don't you hate Florida as much as us FSU fans? Guess not! I now have ZERO respect for the UGA-UF rivalry. I would NEVER...ever NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER root for Miami to win anything. EVER. It's called a rivalry. That's how it works. Do you think Duke fans were mad when UNC lost in the final four last year? No!!!!!! So why do ALLLLL SEC fans sink as low as to rooting for the 'Turds to win it all? I'll never understand it. I know an Ohio State fan would never root for Michigan to win anything. So what is it with SEC fans? Do you really think your team will be better because of it? Knock it off!


Patrick said...

Dude, if the ACC was the best conference for college football, you'd want it to stay that way, too.

J said...

I don't care how good the ACC is (in ANY sport) unless they're playing the Turds...I would NEVER root for Miami. EVER.