Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pizza Bowl without Pizza

This was too funny not to put on here...first, some background info...On Monday, the Bowl was played at Legion Field in Birmingham, AL...

The Birmingham News reports:
It wouldn't be the Bowl without a pizza problem. Because Legion Field has only one oven to cook pizzas, some fans waited 45 minutes for their slices before and after halftime.

Both Papa John's stands in one end zone temporarily ran out of pizza before halftime. Sodas also were sold out at one stand, where some fans lined up with three minutes left in the second quarter and finally got their slices seven minutes into the third quarter.

A Papa John's official estimated the company probably lost $2,000 by being unable to make halftime sales.

Seriously? People waited THAT long for a piece of pizza?

I stole this quote from, this is the funny part

Honestly... if you're going to be the Papa Johns Bowl, you need to have pizza. It's a pretty basic concept, right? That's like going to the Humanitarian Bowl and not having humans.

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Stuart said...

One oven for the entire stadium?

They only lost $ 2000? Gotta believe a lot more than that. Also why in the world did people wait so long? Was there no other food in the stadium or was the game that bad?

Maybe there should be more bowl games so people have a greater choice as to which game they will not go to!

If I was good old Papa John boy would I be pissed at the idiots who ran the pizza at the stadium.

Does criminal stupidity mean anything here?