Sunday, August 5, 2007

Why I retired from poker

Back in the day, me and my old roommate Jason used to play poker at bars or at someones house a couple of times a week. We played alot, and I was doing fairly well. But I was getting tired of coming home smelling like smoke everyday. I really didn't like playing with people who took these games too seriously, but mostly I was tired of people beating me with crappier hands than mine! I think I've played once in the past year. Jason (my old roommate) was having a guys night poker event at his house, so I decided to give it a go. A key factor in this decision was that I could show up a little early and take a HOT shower!!!! And I did, so that was awesome.
There were 9 of us playing poker...2 of them were the types that took everything way too seriously. It was $10 a piece to play, so its not like this was life or death for anyone. Just play some cards, drink some beer and enjoy yourself...thats my theory anyways. So on to the game. It took almost forever for me to get any good cards and when i finally had something good I had very little money so I just bet it all. One of the serious guys called my bet, with a much crappier starting hand...and of course he got lucky and beat me. So thats the end of game 1 for me. A couple hours later, they started a 2nd game. Very first hand, I got good cards, someone bet big, so I went all in. I think I had an ace and a queen. The other guy called me...with absolutely nothing, I think it was a 10 and an 8. And of course...he gets an 8. I lose. Thats fine, it happens (too often, but it happens). The part that really pissed me off is that this guy started celebrating like there was no tomorrow. Typically people are almost apologetic when they win on crap hands like that. But no. This guy was 100% obnoxious. And it lasted for a while. Eventually I couldn't take it anymore, so I went across the street to play darts the rest of the night.
So, it was worth a shot, but i have no desire to play poker anytime soon. I wound up crashing at their house...and snuck in a shower this morning, so that was nice. Thanks Jason (& Tara) you guys are awesome friends!

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Kimberly said...

So you and Jason took a hot shower huh?