Thursday, August 16, 2007

My cousin Liz's wedding weekend

Ok, after I typed the title I started thinking about My Cousin Vinny - the movie. No reason, I'm guessing you can say My Cousin - fill in the blank - and it'd make me think of that movie. Its a good one! I digress.

So, this past Saturday, the first of the Zaikov cousins got married. Ok, technically she's never been a Zaikov, but i'm not sure how else to label us, so I just went for it. It was up north in Cape Cod and it was a really nice weekend. It was especially nice to get away from the 100+ degree weather we'd been dealing with in Atlanta! I flew up to Boston at 7am on Saturday morning (ughhh, waking up at 4:30 is NOT for me!). I was so tired that i remember flying over Cape Cod and thinking hmmmm, thats Long Island I think? i don't function when i'm tired!!! My sister and her fiance - who will now be known as "Brian" flew up an hour before me, rented a car, found me and we drove from Boston to Cape Cod. Traffic was pretty miserable, as it was all weekend. We finally made it to the hotel. First thing we needed was a beer...then lunch...then a nap. Then a few of my a-little-too-young-cousins got the idea to play drinking games. So, we went out, bought beer...plastic cups...and, of pong balls :) Thats right, we played flip-cup first. Got my dad in on that! He struggled at first...but came back strong in game 2. Next we played Beer Pong. I'd never actually played before. I teamed up with my cousin Ashley and we pretty much dominated that. The best was getting my grandmother - Bubbie involved. That to me was the highlight of the weekend!

Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner. Anything with free drinks is good as far as I'm concerned. There's a picture from that night on the right (Alyssa, Kim, Bubbie, Liz, Ashley). Towards the end of the night, a somewhat obnoxious guy was trying to get some of my not-officially-21-years-old cousins (although their ID's say otherwise) to go to a bar. They did...with Bubbie. Sorry I missed that, but I was pretty much exhausted at that point - and had to go back to the hotel. So I did, just hung out at the hotel. Found my cousin Rob hanging outside his room with a friend, so I hung out with them as people started coming back to the hotel, they joined us. Nothing too exciting.

Sunday morning was the wedding. Just off the beach. It was hot. Not Paris Hilton hot, temperature hot, although not Atlanta-hot. But when I'm wearing a suit, its easy for it to be too hot out. Anyways, everyone that was supposed to say "I do", thats always a good thing. After the ceremony we went into a large tented area for finger food and drink. I was almost surprised with myself when I just ordered an ice water. But it wasn't even noon yet and it was HOT still. A bunch of us gathered around a table, we were about to take a picture when someones beer got knocked over and spilled all over the back of Bubbie's dress. She's a good sport though...cleaned herself off and still had a great time...not to mention she smelled good the rest of the day :)

For some reason bunch of us decided it'd be fun to wear sunglasses and pose with ancient hebrew gang signals. Not bad, huh? I dare anyone to find a cooler grandmother!

The wedding reception was fun, I felt really bad for my cousin Josh who had a really bad virus of some sort all day Sunday. He was miserable. (He's the one in that last picture with his sister Alyssa bugging him) I didn't really drink, but I did force myself to dance. Hell, its a bunch of jews, how ridiculous could I possibly look? And actually the correct answer to that would would be one Harry Pierson. (Sorry, I probably shouldn't go there, but anyone who was there saw it). When it was time to cut the cake, the band played "Pour Some Sugar On Me" (Def Leppard) so that was fun! After the reception, Liz and Greg got on board a little boat and literally sailed off into the sunset. We didn't get a chance to write on the boats' windshield or attach coke cans to it.

Sunday night, Alyssa and Ashley REALLY wanted to have a barbecue. It was starting to get close to the time where it gets dark, but they still REALLY wanted this. They went out shopping, got enough stuff to feed about 16 of us. But the charcoal we got just wouldnt light! Even with pretty much a whole bottle of lighter fluid! Hayden (another cousin) wound up getting ANOTHER bottle of lighter fluid. In the meantime, we were trying anything we could think of to get the charcoal burning. We lit the bag from the charcoal...that wasn't even easy to light. But it didn't work either. We finally went into the woods and broke off a couple of branches from some trees. That finally got things going and about 3 hours after we began...we finally were able to eat. Afterwards we just kinda hung out and were looking for some shooting stars. I actually found a couple. Its amazing how many stars you can see when you're in the middle of nowhere!

So that was pretty much it, Monday morning, me, Kim and Brian left Cape Cod and headed to Boston to, amongst other things, took a tour of Fenway Park. There will most certainly be a new blog about that! It was really pretty cool!


Nurse Aday said...

I'm glad that you ended the blog by saying that it was cool. Because at all other times in the blog, it was hot.

I'm afraid it's Def Leppard, not leopard, which, of course, is the real spelling. I'll let it slide considering you were not a psycho-obsessive fan like I was.

Why weren't you in any of those pictures? The only guys I saw were in suits!

J said...

I knew I'd spell it wrong...and I knew that if I did...I'd hear about it! So, I fixed it. Thanks.

Rob P said...

the wedding was a blast, huh?

and you're right - papa pierson's moves were insane.