Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Private Property BS!

I was at lunch today with my friend Beth (coworker) and we're sitting and eating (at Moe's) and some lady comes in and says, "If anyone here owns a Blue Toyota Camry, it just got smashed up!"
It took a good couple of seconds before we realized...oh sh!t, thats Beth's car!!!

Apparently some korean? (not sure) lady working at the nail salon next door was parked next to Beth and while leaving somehow scraped up against the side of Beth's car. Stopped for a second, then continued to leave the spot. In the process, leaving more scratches and a nice dent in Beth's rear passenger side bumper. She actually had the balls (or lack-there-of?) to start to leave. Some lady who was eating at Quizno's on the other side of the nail salon ran after her! She actually stopped her from leaving the parking lot by shouting out her license plate number. Then came into Moe's to ask if that was anyone's car.

Good for her, and yay for karma!

Anyways, this lady speaks NO english of course. Through her boss (I think) she translated saying she didn't know she hit Beth's car. Which, according to the witness is complete BS. Beth calls the cops who show up about a half hour later. Thats when we got the ridiculous news. The accident occurred on private property. The cop didn't see it, so there's nothing he can do. WTF??????? My jaw just about dropped. I asked him whats to stop someone from just taking a piece of shit car and smashing into every car in the parking lot? His response..."nothing". What the hell?

The cop was about as helpful as the lady who actually hit the car. We even asked him what he suggested we could do, and he said "its up to you".

Hopefully everything will work out fine and Beth can just take an estimate of the damage to the lady and she'll pay, but...life's never that easy!
In unrelated news...we found mold growing on the carpet outside our apartment the other day! Can't wait to get out of that place! 15 boxes packed, 4 days to go!

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Anonymous said...

Freakin' Asian drivers (no offense to any Asians reading this). And freakin' cops (any cops reading this, please take offense)! Good to know we are in safe and capable protective hands (enter wrong-answer buzzer sound here). What a pain in the arse.