Thursday, July 12, 2007

Bitching about packing and other ramblings to help procrastinate

T-minus 15 days til the move. I packed THREE boxes tonight...doubling my output of 6 total boxes packed. Of course, 2 and a half of those boxes were pretty much all CDs that I never seem to listen to anymore but have a hard time giving them up. You just never know when I might have a sudden desire to pop in that old Bell Biv DeVoe album I guess. You'd think I'd be good at this...since I started college I've moved 11 times (and I just counted, I've had 18 different roommates during that time - fun with procrastination, I'm the king!) But anyways, you'd think I'd be good at this whole moving thing by now. I'm not...its the worst. Last time I wasn't even halfway done packing by the time moving day came. I had people just throwing shit into boxes as people were taking my stuff out to the truck. I really hate packing, but I vow to at least be done by the time moving day gets here!!!!! I promise!

Other short stories from this past week...

Got a pretty good review and raise at work last week, so thats always good.

Hung out with my new friends at Sweetwater this weekend. Went to the brewery Friday after work then to a BBQ afterwards at Erica and Peter's house. We got to tour the house being built next door, which is still very much under construction, but on sale for a cool 750k. Thats crazy! They don't even have any doors or windows in that house! Maybe its in the plans, but its risky.

Saturday night was a housewarming party, again with the sweetwater crowd. Played some darts, oh...they had an old school atari system, I definitely need one of those!!! Then i learned how to play flip-cup. Something you're probably supposed to learn in college...its a drinking game. Needless to say I slept on Matt's couch that night and spent most of Sunday sleeping as much as possible.

Monday I tried to watch the home run derby, but good lord, it took over 3 hours!!!! I consider myself a pretty big baseball fan and I lost interest in a hurry.

Tuesday night was the All Star game, and it was a pretty good one. Comcrapstic's DVR screwed it up for me though, i missed an inning while I was helping Lauren fix her router.

Wednesday was a big day. I know I'm retarded, but I was very excited that the 2007-8 Thrashers schedule came out at 2pm. The home opener is Friday October 5th at 7:30pm vs the Washington Crapitals - who apparently have some new gay looking uniforms. Wednesday October 10th the Thrashers play Ottawa, which is the first time I get to hear my favorite National Anthem next season. They play home games against teams from Canada 9 times next season!!! Thats just about one-fourth of all home games. Very exciting for this wanna-be-Canadian!

Wednesday night was me and Matt's weekly Sweetwater beer tour gathering. One of the guys I know who pours beer there, I chat with and asked him about his girlfriend twice apparently. The second time he told me they broke up last night. Yeah, so I felt like an asshole. A group of us went out afterwards to help cheer him up.

Thats about it, I've been pretty tired all day today, gotta rest up for the weekend. Tomorrow is Lauren's birthday and I'm sucking it up and going to a bar I really don't like. It'll be fun though, the band playing she says is pretty good (its her boyfriends' brothers' band). So she's probably biased. I'll be sure to let you know!

Alright, thats enough procrastinating for one night. Night kids!

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