Friday, July 27, 2007

My last chance to procrastinate!

Tomorrow is moving day!!!! (21 boxes packed at the moment for those of you keeping score)
Alright, so some of you may remember a couple of months ago I had to go and get pictures taken of all my millions of moles. Damn that would've been fun to ask them to count em for me...I paid them enough!!! Anyways, it was REAL awkward, I felt a new respect for models. The worst part of it was the girl taking the pictures (while I'm standing there almost naked, not something I'd wish upon my worst enemy) was actually a young attractive girl. Who dreams of a job of taking pictures of normal people who probably usually have alot of moles. They're not generally the types that you'd want to take pictures included!

Ok, I had a diversion...I just read up on my favorite ESPN sideline reporter, Erin Andrews. She listed her top 5 hot-spots in Atlanta. Now I need to find a way to go to all 5 of them...every weekend. (Kidding!) For what its worth, she says: Rosa Mexicana, J. Christopher's, Noche, and some clothing store that I'll go ahead and skip. But, more importantly, I was debating with Beth why not all female sideline reporter types are just there to look at. Although I could look at her for quite a while :)

Sorry, I was staring. So, as part of the argument, I brought up Bonnie Bernstein, when suddenly something clicked. Bernstein! She's a jew!!!! So she immediately flies up towards the top of my who I want to meet list on myspace :) I was actually watching Mike & Mike in the morning on ESPN2 the other day and she was on there talking about football...and she actually knows what she's talking about. Weird huh? My jewdar is usually pretty accurate, but I dropped the ball on this one!

Wow, that was one heck of a tangent! Anyways, so today I had my follow-up appointment to go over my pictures. And the resident who was helping out my doc was another young good looking girl. Damnit! Its not quite a turn-your-head-and-cough type of experience, but still... the point of this whole story...she had the most rough hands I've ever noticed. You'd think a resident in a dermatology's office would know how to have nice soft hands! Hell, my hands are a hell of alot softer than hers! And I don't do anything to them! (Although if I did, there's no way I'd admit to it:) ).

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