Monday, September 24, 2007

Why I'm Dumb (Part 291)

So, I'm sure you've been following the case of the missing j-pod for the last few days. If you're not, shame on you, read below!

To recap:
Thursday, 5pm - As I'm leavin work, I'm panicking because I can't find my ipod. Thinking that maybe I left it in my car or at home, I leave, since I had a concert to get to that night.
Thursday 5:05pm - IPod is NOT in my car. Shit.
Thursday 11:30pm - IPod in NOT in my house. Not anywhere I'd normally leave it anyways.
Friday 8:35am - IPod is NOT by my desk, I looked everywhere. I figured maybe I just needed to look more at home.
Saturday 9pm - search complete. No Ipod
Saturday 9:15pm - Wow, what a deal I found on ebay! A 4 month old 80gig ipod with 18,000 songs, an itrip and a case for $200!!! Bidding would last until 11am Sunday.
Sunday 10:55am - Aw jeez, other people are last minute bidding on this thing.
Sunday 11am - I wind up winning the bidding for $244.
Sunday 11:05am - I realized I could get expedited shipping for just $5 more! Woohoo! I'm going out of town this weekend, I need it ASAP!
Monday 11:30am - My work-friend Joan (who was off on Friday) came to my desk. She said within 2 minutes she found my ipod without even moving anything around. But she wouldn't tell me where! She went back to her desk and after several emails yelling at her she told me where to look and wouldn't you know...there it is. I find my ipod.

Joan swears to me that she didn't put it there. I'm still skeptical. Somebody put it there! Anyways, so now within a few days I'm gonna have 2 ipods. I'm pretty confident that I'd be able to put it right back on ebay and sell it, possibly for even more than what I bought it for, but I don't know. I've never sold anything on there and people probably won't like the fact that I have very little "feedback" (ebay's rating system).

Oh well, now I gotta figure out which punk-ass friend of mine at work is playing cruel tricks on me!?!?!?!?


"Donna" said...

Fucking hilarious. Ok, so it was only ONE day after you got the ipod. Like I said, I may buy that off of you. I was kidding, but now that it's an actual possibility, I'm serious. So where was it? You never said.
Am I the only one that leaves comments on here?

J said...

Someone was cruel enough to HIDE it BEHIND a shelf above my desk. Who does that???? Eventually you're supposed to tell me that you hid it! Asshole!!!!!