Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why I NEVER leave sporting events early

First off, I wasn't actually at this game, but its a game I would've stayed til the end no matter what, and its why I do that. It all goes back to the 1980's when I went to a Mets game with my family. The Mets won the game in extra innings on a Howard Johnson walk off home run. Where was I? In the parking lot! I missed it! Don't worry, I never let my dad hear the end of that :) Alright, let me set the scene from tonight:

Washington Nationals 10, N.Y. Mets 3, Bottom 9th
- Paul Lo Duca singled to right
- David Newhan pinch hit for Aaron Sele
- David Newhan struck out swinging (1 out)
- Carlos Gomez walked, Paul Lo Duca to second
- Jose Reyes homered to deep right, Paul Lo Duca and Carlos Gomez scored (Nationals 10, Mets 6)
- Luis Castillo singled to left
- Chad Cordero relieved Jesus Colome
- David Wright singled to right, Luis Castillo to second
- Carlos Beltran walked, Luis Castillo to third, David Wright to second
- Moises Alou doubled to deep right, Luis Castillo, Carlos Beltran and David Wright scored (Nationals 10, Mets 9)
- Jon Rauch relieved Chad Cordero
- Endy Chavez ran for Moises Alou
- Carlos Delgado struck out swinging, Endy Chavez stole third (2 outs)
- Paul Lo Duca flied out to right (3 outs)

So, no happy ending this time, but that was as close to the biggest 9th inning comeback as any I'd ever witnessed! And it just goes to never know whats gonna happen and its why I will never leave a game early!!!

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Go Braves said...

The Mets didn't even win? That blog was such a disappointment!