Sunday, September 23, 2007

Premiere Week!

I had a pretty relaxing weekend. Saturday was the bulk of Yom Kippur, so I was fasting, and watching college football all day. Then went out to the Brick Store Saturday night (no, they don't sell bricks...they sell beer!). We sat outside and it was really nice out. We had a good view of a small wreck. A car was pulling out of a spot and nicked a Yukon parked next to it. Left a dent in the corner of the rear bumper. We thought at first they were gonna leave, but they left a note with their contact info. Some nosy people went and looked, then we convinced them to put the license plate on the note. The guy who's car it was came out alot later and didn't really seem to care. Weird.

Anyways, busy week coming up! Tomorrow is all you can eat chicken nuggets at the ChicFilA in Marietta. I was dumb enough to eat 30 of those damn things last time. And of course I regretted it, but I'll probably do it again :)

Other than that, I have to say, thank G-D for my DVR!

8-8:30pm - How I Met Your Mother (CBS) Season 3 season premiere!
8:30-9pm - The Big Bang Theory (CBS) New show, its got some people I recognize, gonna give it a shot.
8-9pm - Chuck (NBC) New show, looks good, we'll see?
9-10pm - HEROES!!!! (NBC) Season 2 (whatever happened to the Heroes:Origins show?
9:30-10pm - Rules of Engagement (CBS) Season 2 - Puddy from Seinfeld makes this show too funny!
And of course...Monday Night Football (ESPN) - Saints-Titans. What to do????
Oh, and at 12:35am - Late Night With Conan O'Brien (NBC) - The Season Premiere of Pale Force (starring Jim Gaffigan)

Tuesday is all quiet in TV land. But there's a preseason Thrashers game at Philips!!!! I don't think Matt can go, so I may have to search for someone else to go with...

Wednesday is also quiet, there's a new show with Frasier - Back to You - where he's a news anchor. We'll see how that works. Outside of TV-land, Wednesday is sweetwater and then Improv in the Park.

Thursday picks up again.
8-9pm Survivor:China (CBS) (premiere was last week and kinda slow)
8-9pm My Name is Earl (NBC) Season premiere
9-10pm The Office (NBC) season premiere

Then Friday I'm off to Jersey for what should be the last Bar Mitzvah in my family for at least 13 years!!!!

So, updating an earlier ipod is not here. Its not in my car. And its not at my desk. Its gone. I'm pissed. But, I was playing around on ebay this morning and found an 80 gig ipod ($250 value) and an itrip ($70 value) that comes with 18,000!!! songs on it. It was $200, the bidding wound up going up to $244 but I'm happy. Hopefully I get it before Friday!!!!


Kim the Red said...

Thank G-D? Who is G-D? Don't you Jews believe in G-D with an "O" in it?
So how many nuggets DID you eat this time?
Regarding the tv schedule... J, you need some hobbies.
Regarding the ebay ipod...I'll be happy to buy it off of you when your other one shows up. Which will probably happen 3 days after you get this new one.

J said...

-Ok, no making fun of my religion (this time!). its legit, but I already yelled at you about it!
-I was foolish enough to eat 36 "nugg's". Something is definitely wrong with me, I still liked Jason's text, "I just shit out 3 entire chickens"
-I have enough hobbies, but there are certain TV shows that need to be watched, I'm sure I'll trim back as we go. For example "The Big Bang" sucked.
-And in regards to the ipod...we'll be in touch :)