Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wednesday Night Fun - Improv in the Park

Haha, I tricked you into coming to my blog again! (or for the first time?)
So, improv in the park kinda snuck up on me! As most of you know, Wednesdays are very special to me. I spend every Wednesday that I can at Sweetwater drinking beer (mmmmmm, beer!). That goes from 5:30-7:30. Its $8, you get to keep a pint glass and 6 free beers (6oz each).

So, thats pretty much EVERY Wednesday.

Now, for the next THREE Wednesdays, Improv in the Park returns. Its 100% free.
Piedmont Park's website:

Improv in the Park - Piedmont Park Conservancy and Travel Girl Magazine welcome
back the 4th Annual presentation of Improv in the Park. Join us as our friends
at Whole World Theatre bring three free nights of hilarious comedy to Piedmont
Park, September 19 and 26, and October 3. Shows start at 8:00 pm in the Meadow,
located near 10th Street and Monroe Drive. For more information visit

From Whole World, via myspace:

The next three Wednesdays is Improv in the Park. Join Whole World Improv Theatre
and Dad's Garage as we provide two hours of FREE improv comedy on the Meadow of
Improv in the Park, located near the 10th Street/Charles Allen gate. Sweetwater
Brewery will be on tap and so will Plant Smoothie beverages. The weather could
not be better so come on out tomorrow night for the 1st Improv in the Park of

So thats always alot of fun, and it sounds like that crappy third improv group is gone. So, thats that. Plenty of sweetwater for everyone all night!!!! See you there?

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