Friday, May 11, 2007

Why Lauren is Dumb (Case #293)

For those not in the know, Lauren is my roommate, and is better known as "failure". I've actually gotten away from calling her that, but I think its gotta make a comeback. Both of us have been struggling with allergies the last couple of weeks. It seemed like - for me anyway - that it was worse when I was on the couch. This is crucial, because the couch is the prime Mitsa viewing area (Mitsa is my 57" TV, not some girl I look at from across the street through binoculars, I don't know HER name). Now that "Failure" is car-less for a bit, she's been working from home. Something gave her the idea to work at the table in our living room. On this table was a vase with some flowers. Flowers that had been there a while. A long while. A very long while. Turns out several months worth of mold formed all up in there!!! Who knew?

The flowers are gone, and so are both of our allergy problems. Note to self, don't ever buy girls flowers...they die, grow mold and attack my nose. Not worth it!

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