Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Keep Me Away From The Set List!

As I sit here waiting for my drunk roommate to finish watching American Midol so we can start watching a movie, I thought I'd write something. I went to see the band Chevelle last night at the Roxy. Got a good spot right next to the sound and light guys. I noticed right above the sound equipment was a piece of paper with printed out song titles. I couldn't stay away. All throughout the concert I kept looking to see what song was up next and how many songs they had left. It kind of ruined the concert a little for me! I learned that its ok to be surprised by the next song. I even knew which 3 songs they were gonna play after the encore, thats no fun! After the first song after the encore he said, the norm "you have been a great crowd, how about 1 more song?" All I could think was, you lying bastard you've got 2 more songs left! And I was right.

On another note, if you get a chance to hang out near the "light guy" its pretty amazing. It seemed like every time the drummer hit any drum, the light guy would press a button to make certain lights over the stage turn on. He was going pretty damn fast!!! I was very impressed. If its not enough for him to keep pressing these different buttons, but there were so many buttons he has to know which button was for which light. It also made me wonder if that guy worked for the band or for the venue. I would guess he works for the band, because he has to memorize the beat of every song. But does the band travel around with all that equipment and the lights? Or does he use whatever lights and equipment are already at each venue. Either way, thats a tough gig! Much respect for the "light guy"!!!

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