Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Mets and Braves at it again

Haven't written anything in a while, so its time. I went to tonight's Braves-Mets game with Lauren. Just before I was about to buy the cheapest possible tickets at Turner Field, a guy pulls me aside and said "I have tickets for you". I could only think to say, no thanks, I'm just gonna buy the really cheap seats. He wouldn't take no for an answer and told me to walk out of line with him. He gave me these two tickets and they were awesome seats! I asked him what he wanted for them and he said nothing. He was sitting next to there, so he wanted to give these tickets away to a Mets fan! Lucky for me I was wearing my brand new Blue Mets David Wright t-shirt/jersey and Mets hat!!!

So that was pretty cool, these seats were just behind home plate (about two sections over towards the 3rd base side) and 19 rows up. Nice!

Oh, I forgot to mention this guys' wife! 9 months pregnant and absolutely gorgeous! Lauren agreed :) She's due next Friday and out at a baseball game! With a Mets shirt and everything! My kinda girl ;)

But as for the game, yeah, well, the Mets always lose when I go, so that was nothing new. But they lost bad, 8-1. The Braves pitcher even hit a 3run HR over the center field wall. Bad, very bad. Hopefully the next two games are a little better, and yes, I'll be there!

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