Monday, May 5, 2008

Harold and Kumar, urrrr me, Josh and David Go To White Castle

(Note - no illegal drugs were used in the making of this story...I swear)

First off, please be sure to go see Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay (in theatres now!) and be sure to rent Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle!!!

I'm not sure why I don't own that movie yet. Living in Atlanta, the closest White Castle is in Nashville, which is a little too far for me. And who the hell wants to go to Nashville???? Chattanooga was bad enough, if I never go back to Tennessee it'll be too soon anyways. Damn tangents. Now, without further uh doo, onto our story...

Last Friday night I flew up to Newark for the Zaikov's annual Passover festivities. For me, the most exciting thing about going up there is White Castle. Down here we have a similar place called "Krystals" but its NO WHERE NEAR as delicious. Luckily this time we set it up so that I would land just about the same time as my Uncle David and cousin Josh. All big White Castle fans. We met up, rented a car, setup the GPS and were on our way. Punched in White Castle into the thing and off we went. We were officially just a couple of miles from a White Castle! Went through some strange roads, we passed a jail that looked like the White House...except brown. Fanciest looking jail I'd ever seen! We missed a turn, turned onto what seemed to be an empty road. Got to the end and it took us to a parking lot of what looked like a distribution plant. As we were pulling in, I noticed at the top corner of the building. White Castle. Yep. We were guided to a White Castle distribution plant!!!! Unfortunately it was after 10:00 and very closed. No tours, no free samples. Nothing.

Off we went, its New Jersey, there are White Castles everywhere! And wouldn't ya know, just another 2 miles or so was another one. So, back past the jail, take a couple of lefts and go through a neighborhood. White Castle should be popping up any second now! Kept driving...and wouldn't ya know it. We found a White Castle Regional Office! What the hell???? It was at this point that I knew this would be quite the adventure. We decided to just get on the highway and drive for a while and try again later. So we did. And eventually we found the lovely town of Eatontown, NJ. We got off the highway and found a real, live, open White Castle. It was the most wonderful feeling a boy can have...alright, fine, just let me relive my moment! We parked and made our way inside. We ordered Waaaaayyyyyy too many or so. In chatting with the lady behind the counter, we told her of our unsuccessful mission so far. We asked her what city this was and her reply...New Jersey. Gotta love it. End conversation. We got our food...then got a call from Alyssa (cousin) and ordered another 10 or so burgers at the request of some jealous family members who already arrived at the beach(less) house we were headed to. So off we went, devouring way too many burgers in the car on our way. White Castle must use crack in their burgers because its just sooooo good and addicting. Krystals doesn't come close to White Castle. Its no contest. And I can't wait to go back already!!!!
(I know its too hard to see in that first picture, but the bird on the sign REALLY looked like a Penguin!)

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