Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vanilla Ice at Cowboys

hahahahahahahahahahaha. No, seriously. I can't stop laughing! Gotta love this ad I saw, literally on the side of the road yesterday. But it's true. Vanilla Ice will be "performing" (I guess?) at Cowboys tomorrow night (IN KENNESAW). I've been there once, it was a situation where I swore I'd never go again, but, this is too funny. I saw him up at Jillians around 2002 or so with Tracy. The best part was him asking "the ladies" in the crowd to flash him, and the crowd just kinda stood there. HILARIOUS. I may have to suck it up and go tomorrow night.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

Only if he is $5. He is not worth more than that. I laughed to myself all night last night about that evening.