Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Who gets hurt playing KICKBALL???? Me!!!!

For the longest time I've been wanting to join a kickball league. Kim has been doing it for years up in DC. The main attraction this time around (as compared to the 2nd grade or so) is beer. And I won't lie...I like beer. But my kickball debut was not such a good one. Our team really had no clue. It was our first game, very understandable...but we lost 11-1. It was cold. Too cold to drink beer. (Seriously). The field was very muddy. And this is how I would meet my demise. Right around the batters box was probably where the worst of the mud was. During my 2nd at bat (do they even call it that in kickball?) I was about to kick the ball when I kind of slipped...then replanted to correct myself. Didn't really hurt at the time, probably because it was so cold. But by the time I got home, and was inside for a while, both of my knees were pretty seriously stiff. Woke up at about 4am in a cold sweat. Chugged a bottle of tylenol (not REALLY) and went back to sleep. Woke up still in pretty bad shape. Went to work, hobbled around all day, took all kinds of fun drugs. But I learned what worked better than any drug I could've tried...ICE!!!! After work, I came home, did the every 20 minutes thing with the ice on the backs of my knees and not too much longer, I was feeling a LOT better.

It's been a couple days now, my knees are still kind of sore, but I've been upgraded from "questionable" to "probable" for this Sunday's kickball game against the Blueballers. We're gonna make em look silly...because they may not realize this, but we play with red balls. Idiots!!!!

For anyone keeping track, I'm 0-2 with a groundout and a fly out so far. But I played a rock solid first base, only had trouble with the first ball that came my way, but it bounced in the mud funny! Definitely not scored an E-3!!!!

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Anonymous said...

And who's riding the bench (on the DL) for the Blueballers? Mike Hampton!