Friday, June 29, 2007

Why I'm Dumb (Part 287)

During the summer in Atlanta, there is this event called "Screen on the Green". Usually they show really old (chick-flickish type) movies - ie - Casablanca this year. Last year (I think it was last year) they showed Ferris Buellers Day Off. That was the first time I'd gone, and I swore I'd never go through that again. Its downtown Atlanta (Piedmont Park) and a baseball stadium's worth of people (at least 30,000) show up, spread blankets out on the grass and watch the movie on a big screen set up in the park. Its 100% miserable. Traffic - miserabele. Parking - miserable. And don't even try and meet up with anyone there unless you've got a good half hour to put into it. Now, this week they showed the movie ET. If I remember correctly, it was the first movie I ever saw in a theatre (I was 5), and I'm pretty sure my grandpa took me to go see it, and he passed away when I was 7, so its one of the few memories I had with him. Anyways, I just felt a weird need to go see it. Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad idea. Traffic was awful, parking was awful, it seemed like we walked a couple miles before we could even see the park. Then trying to find anyone is pretty impossible. Finally, we get to the park, find our friends and what happens...lightning...thunder (repeat several times, add water). Show is cancelled. Never, ever again. Never!

I told me so! I told me so!!!!!

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kim2 said...

Why do you say the traffic was miserabele? Ooooohh, you must be trying to point out that it made no sense. P.S. Sweet story about your grandpa. You didn't mention that.
P.P.S. Go Braves!