Sunday, June 24, 2007

The return of Kevin Fulmer

I don't think I'd seen Kevin since 2002 or 2003 or so, so its been a WHILE! I lived with him in my Tallahassee days for about 5 years. Kevin of course is best known as "Garnet Guy". I stole this picture from ESPN the Magazine. Pretty cool, huh? He used to go running around at FSU football games with his golden painted and glittered buddy Josh White. I went with Rory to pick him up at the airport and Rory had the idea to make a sign for him. So we picked up some posterboard and a red, errrr garnet, marker and some glitter and glue. Rory did all the work, but it was pretty cool, he had a sign waiting for him that just said "Garnet Guy". So we found him and went to go get his bag and his flight was listed no where on the baggage claim boards. Figures! There was one carousel that had alot of bags and I just kinda pointed and said to check that one. Turns out his bag was pretty much right where I pointed!!! So, we left the airport and met up with some friends in Little Five Points and just hung out and chatted for a while. We didn't want to stay out too late because we were planning on waking up early to play golf saturday morning. We still wound up getting home pretty late and didn't get to the golf course til almost 10am. John was waiting on us and Kim was meeting us there, but was late because she (a nurse) managed to get herself drunk on what she claims was cough syrup! (ha!) We hit some balls on the driving range before Kim showed up. I don't think any of us had played golf in about 3 years (once we learned not to hold the clubs like a hockey stick, we were ok), so we needed the refresher. I did alright, I was only about 45 strokes over par :) (note the sarcasm). We did teach Kim a lesson though. She was hitting from the ladies tees most of the time and on one hole she was standing way over to the side, but in front of us. I took my shot and almost killed her. I didn't even have a chance to yell anything before the ball was at her head. That was one of the scariest moments I've ever experienced, it barely glanced off her hair I think. But it really scared the shit out of me more than it did her. We finished about 5 hours later (yes mom, I put on sunscreen at least 5 times!!!) and were about as sweaty and nasty as you can imagine! Seems like the perfect time to go to a fancy thai restaurant, right??? Shockingly enough they sat us in the far corner of the restaurant not near anyone else. After eating we went back to clean ourselves up, but more importantly a nap was essential. Me and Kevin went to my friend Divya's sisters' going away/birthday party. Hung out there for a couple hours, then met up with Kim and Rory and eventually Matt at the Brick Store, where, they sell no bricks, but more importantly, about 500 different beers. Don't ever ask for a Bud Light there! I can't even pronounce the beers that I had...and thats why I love that place. After that, the only thing left to do at around 3am in Atlanta is to go get some food!!! We were gonna try and go to "OK Cafe", which, we thought was 24 hours. Its not apparently. So we went to Waffle House :)
Slept in til about noon on Sunday, me and Kevin went to see Evan Almighty...pretty funny, not as funny as Knocked Up, but it was good. Steve Carrell is hilarious. And that was pretty much it for the weekend. Hopefully it won't be another 4 years before we hang out again!

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Josh and Kristi said...

Hi J.
My name is Josh Patty and I'm a friend of Kevin's from Heidelberg, but we've lost touch. I was wondering if you could either send him my info or send me his. I'd really appreciate it. I love to reconnect with him. Thanks