Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Adventures of Buying Matt's TV

Now that I am an expert in big screen TV's I'm getting all kinds of requests. Yesterday I went with Matt to pickup his new 42" Panasonic Plasma TV (named "Visor" with a soft "s" I believe). First we stopped at our favorite drinking spot, the sweetwater brewery. After that we were riding up to Buford, GA to get his TV. Which means I didn't have to worry about driving for a while, so i took advantage of it. I think I had 8-10 "half" beers (they're only allowed to fill your glass up halfway - its a law! And they're actually threatening to change the law, that would suck. There's a petition to sign, so do that) Anyways, I digress. And now I'm gonna digress some more. They have a new un-named beer that kinda tastes like a raspberry/chocolate combo. Its pretty decent, and 9% alcohol, I recommend it.

So, after sweetwater, we drove up to Buford - I slept (and snored, I was told) in the car. Finally we get to the Circuit City outside the Mall of Georgia. This TV was an "opened box" model. We weren't sure if it was returned or what. Turns out it was just being used in the employee break room. He got a pretty good deal on it, but it was kinda sketchy. They did let us go back in there and we got to make sure it worked. It was mounted on the wall and looked pretty good. They didn't have any HD channels for us to see, so that was kinda surprising to me too. So they take the TV down and bring it out to us and explained that they couldn't find the pegs that attach the TV to the stand. Oops. They said for Matt to call Panasonic to order the part, but it seems to me like thats something they should be responsible for. What do I know? Anyways, the store closed at 9, we wound up getting the TV in Matt's car by about 9:30. No box, just some bubble wrap and a reprinted instruction manual. Oh, and later Matt realized he never got a receipt. (Update - they apparently faxed it to him later)

From there, we went over to a friend of ours - Eric's - coffee shop (Its called Jittery Joe's). It was really a pretty cool place. I'm no coffee drinker, but it was neat. I hadn't seen Eric in a couple years I think, so it was cool catching up with him. We talked about the retarded aspects and laws he has to deal with in running this shop. Most of it didn't make much common sense, but, hey, what do I know?

We wind up getting back to Matt's place with the TV at about midnight, and without the pieces to attach the TV to the stand, we couldn't even setup the TV. So that kinda sucked. Anyways, I hope the TV works out for him, it was a fun night, even though I had to help carry a TV around town :)

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