Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I Miss Disposable Cameras

I'm copying this from my myspace blog the other day, I think someone listened to me, but you gotta read to the end to know what I mean...

I meant to write this last night, but I had yet another reminder of a pet peeve of mine tonight.
I'm gonna sound like seinfeld for a minute...but, here goes...what is up with the digital cameras these days? Two nights in a row I've been around people (I'm being kind, no guy would ever fall into this pet peeve of mine) who abuse their digital cameras.

Tonight it was just at a Mexican restaurant. The table next to us - 2 girls and a guy (no pizza place). One girl took out her camera and started going at it. Picture after picture after picture. 14 to be exact. Are you kidding me? I mean, these girls weren't exactly model quality, and not even 14 pictures were gonna change that. Another thing I don't understand is when they hold the camera and take a picture of themselves! You have a digital camera, let someone who can actually see the screen take the picture!!!!

Friday night was even worse. Unfortunately I didn't keep count - it was definitely more than 14 - but it was so obnoxious even other people around me were getting frustrated and making jokes about these girls. I was at a concert at the tabernacle and this girl couldn't stop with the camera. Not taking pictures of the band, but of herself and her friends! Over...and over...and over... You've gotta picture the scene too, at a concert, on the floor. There's barely room to breathe. This group of girls next to me weren't even paying attention to the concert, they just kept clicking away. Crazy angles, usually with the camera overhead.

That still wasn't as bad as the high school girls in front of us at the Snow Patrol concert a couple weeks ago. Thats what got me started on this rant. Every 10 seconds it seemed like they were taking a picture of each other.

I've learned what I can do to at least tolerate this. Its important to try and get yourself into the background of one of their pictures with at least one finger buried deep inside your nostril. I laugh everytime...and really...thats all that matters to me :)

I think I know the problem...and I'm looking at you TOM! Knock it off with the unlimited picture idea!!!! You're killing me!!!!

So, someone read my complaints. Tonight I went to see Muse & My Chemical Romance, and would you believe it? NO CAMERAS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in heaven!!!! I did still need a couple of beers to ignore the fact that I was probably the oldest person there who didn't bring their kids. Awesome show though, check out My Chemical Romance's song "Teenagers". I'm probably glad I don't know all the lyrics but I like the part where they keep saying "teenagers scare the living shit out of me". They actually took a minute to mention the VT incident and that no one should ever resort to violence. Which was cool, they're apparently getting a bad rap because the gunman was a fan or something. But thats another story, I gotsta go!

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Anonymous said...

but without every jim bob and joe having a camera phone available all the time we wouldn't have all the celebrity booby shots we do.

so it's kind of like a karmic balance.