Friday, April 20, 2007

Fun with flats

This seems like a good story to start with...?.?.

So, I'm driving home from work the other day, going about 80 (unless cops read these things, then I was only going 65 of course) on 75 south. I heard a noise, didn't really think anything of it. Not too long after that, I heard more noises. I figured at this point I should probably at least turn the radio off. I do, and it sounded like a plane was flying next to me or something. Stupid me thinks that the noise will go away any second now. It didn't. I realized I should probably pull over (which involved about 6 lanes worth of merging). I finally managed to get onto the shoulder of 75. I got out of my car and looked at what was left of that tire. Was I ever proud of myself...I ripped that damn thing to shreds!!!!!

Somehow I think I've made it 30 years without having to change a tire (just been lucky I guess!). But damnit, I'm a man. I'm not calling for help. Now imagine every possible mistake you can make while changing a flat tire. Yep, I probably did it. I originally put the jack in the wrong place. I finally got it in the right place, jacked it up and realized I probably was supposed to at least loosen the lugnuts first. Oops. I also forgot to put the parking break on. But the good news is I know all of this NOW! Before I could screw anything else up, a random car pulls up and this little mexican guy comes walking towards me with some tools. He says to me (and it is absolutely key to say this in your head with a mexican accent) "Ay man, I bet I can do that queeker". Who was I to argue? He changed my tire in about 3 minutes. I was amazed. That was it, he changed the tire and off he went. I didn't even have time to offer him money or anything.

To prove that karma exists, there's more to the story. A buddy I work with (who will remain nameless for some reason) drove right past me while I was pulled over (I must admit to being only about 75% sure it was him). Here's where the karma kicks in...later that night, HE got a flat tire and wound up having to pay $55 to have a tow truck come out and change his tire.

I win.

And in honor of my tire changing friend, I went to Taco Bell today. All is well with the world :)


Mike said...

welcome to the blog world!!

Tara said...

I love it. Now you must pay it forward.

Tracy said...

I remember another time that we said, "Do you here that...wonder what that is...turn the radio up, we can drown it out....". At least you learned a lesson about funny flapping noises and didn't end up blowing out on 285! You didn't even attempt to change my extremely flat tire.

alyssa said...

"Ay man, i bet i can do that queeker"
HAHAHHA i love mexicans!