Monday, December 26, 2005

The Most Boring Day Of This Jew's Year

I was prepared for yesterday! I rented 5 movies, and a friend at work (Thanks Beth!) let me borrow Scrubs, Season 1. So yesterday, I watched some pretty crappy movies:

1. Kicking and Screaming (not TOO bad, you've gotta like Will Ferrell)
2. Sin City (what the hell was THAT?)
3. Bewitched (again, Will Ferrell, but it was decent)

After I watched Sin City, I needed a break, so I did what any good jew does on December 25th. Went to the closest Chinese restaurant, got me some take-out. I was STARVING! I walked into that place with biggest damn smile on my face I can remember in years. I couldn't control it, it was almost embarrassing! But that was some of the best chinese food I've ever had. And leftovers today are awaiting. Along with 2 more movies:

4. Sahara (halfway into it, kinda confused, we'll see)
5. Stealth (no idea, but its got a good Incubus song on the soundtrack!)

And in the middle of all this I've been watching Scrubs. I LOVE that show! And now I love that I can watch TV shows with NO
COMMERCIALS!!!!! What a perfect idea! Anyways, back to the movie (and leftovers)!

Happy Hanukkah everyone!

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