Monday, December 19, 2005

My World Tour

Last Saturday I flew out to LA. The plane ride may have been the best part. On the plane they had these GPS-like monitors. They consitantly monitored where exactly the plane was and how cold the air temp is, the wind speed, plane speed, distance travelled, all that stuff! Then they ditched it to show Sky-High! Damn you Delta!

I was going out there to visit my friend Lauren who just moved out there. We had fun, but it was frustrating because she didn't really know the cool places to show me. But we drove all around Hollywood, went to the most wonderful eating establishment not named White Castle - In 'N Out Burger. mmmmmmmmm. Apparently its just a california thing. Thats so not fair! The two best places are not available to me. Then throw in 7-11 and I'm just screwed! Why Atlanta is anti 7-11 I'll never understand! At least we've got Chic-Fil-A! I don't know what I'd do without Chic-Fil-A.

So anyways, then Sunday I went to San Diego and loved it! I had my first flesh-to-Pacific Ocean experience of my life. It was kinda cold, shockingly enough. Right after doing that we found an ice cream shop on the beach that had waffle-ice cream sandwhiches! Sometimes I wonder why it takes so long to invent things. 2 fresh hot waffles with a scoop of ice cream in between!!!! (later I found out that you can get a burger with donuts instead of buns right here in Atlanta! No wonder we're such a fatass country!) My roommate Kim is currently living/working out in San Diego (13 week travelling nurse stint that will probably turn into a 26 week gig) with our other friend Tara. Anyways, I stayed in SD for a few days, then went to a hockey game in Anaheim,then everything went to hell on Thursday!

Thursday morning I had a 7:30am flight. Got to LAX at 6:15, waited in line at the Delta counter and it took FOREVER and I didn't get to the desk until 7:00am - ie - too late. Then from there they said they didn't have my flight info and that they needed a confirmation number to find my info. Naturally I didn't have it, luckily I called dad, he looked it up, and through the miracle of a phone line, within 45 minutes I had a confirmation number. They rebooked me on a 9:30am flight. Which sounds fine, but I was flying to Austin from there and had to connect in Salt Lake City. Well, there's only 2 flights from Salt Lake to Austin, and I missed the first one already. The 2nd one is at 7:15pm. (Note - I got to LAX at 6:15am). So I get to Salt Lake at 12:30pm and have 7 hours to kill. Instead, I think the mormons tried to kill me. I think they can tell that I was not one of them (I dont know how? I've got dark hair and I'm pale!!!!) But they gave me what I'm calling the flu. So I finally get to Austin at 11pm. But guess what didn't make the trip! My luggage!!!! Awesome! Of course I'm not the type to take a spare change of clothes in my carry on luggage. After 2 trips to the airport on Friday I finally get my luggage, and was drugged up enough to make it through a couple of days in Austin. Luckily they do sell Nyquil there! Thanks to my friends Kristen and Lou for taking care of me!!! For anyone who watched, the Real World Austin House is in the sad process of being demolished. The Austin sign on top of the building was gone already. I went to a Texas basketball game, they got killed by Tennessee who had a bunch of jew-fro wearing white guys. And that was about it.

Wow, that was long. Feel free to skim, the long parts are the sad parts. The moral of the story is Kim is the traveller of the family not me. Although I am going back to utah in a month to go skiing. I've gotta do something about those damn mormons!!!!

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