Sunday, January 22, 2006

Why I'm Dumb (Part 285)

Yep, I'm an idiot (sometimes).

I had been working on my resume, and on Wednesday I sent a rough draft version to Kim for her to look it over and make her suggestions (for someone who hasn't had to worry about a resume in a WHILE, she's really good at this stuff!) Anyways, she sent the resume back to me, with nice bright red suggestions (including my favorite - at the bottom where it said "I have a life"). Wednesday night I finish up my resume and on Thursday morning I officially applied for this job. Thursday at 5pm I get an email saying "Jason, are you SURE this is the resume you wanted to send me?". So, yep, I did the unthinkable. I really thought I deleted that resume with Kim's edits!!!!! But no, I'm an idiot and sent that one. (I even had two coworkers proofread the email, but no one thought to check the attachment!) I send him the right resume and go take the walk of shame to his office. I walk in, he was sitting there with the girl who's job I'm applying for, and they just crack up laughing as soon as they see me. I just stood there shaking my head in embarrasment. He said, "man, this Jason has one hell of a sense of humor, he'd be a great fit in this department!".

Then on Friday I get interviewed at 11am, and at 4pm he offered me the job (and at 4:00:07 I accepted! - yes, 7 seconds later, give or take).

The two biggest reasons I think I got the job were:

1 - Halloween 2003. I dressed up as a nerd at work. Pants pulled up real high, clip on tie, hair slicked to the side, really big glasses, and to top it off a "kick me" sign on my back. During the interview he told me that was his first memory of me and he thought it was hilarious!

2- Fantasy Football! This is actually how I met this guy, my first boss at Aaron's invited me into a fantasy football league with some guys at work, and the fantasy football network has finally paid off. Well, aside from the actual cash that it pays off with! And here everyone thought I was wasting too much time on these games! Ha!

So, I start training Monday morning, while still going back and finishing up with my old job. The girl who's spot I'm taking got a better job outside the company, but she'll be here all week to get me started. I've got ALOT to learn this week, hopefully it sticks. Because a week from Monday I'll be skiing in Utah! So hopefully any trees know to stay away from my head because i can't get dumb after this week!!!!!

Thats all for that. I went to the Georgia Aquarium yesterday. It just opened in November and is the biggest Aquarium in the world. It was kinda cool, but too crowded and too many annoying little kids!!!!!

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