Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Team Canada: WFC Update

After an 0-8 campaign to finish the 2008 kickball year, the revamped Team Canada - we're no longer Mounties, we're Flip Cuppers - is off to an amazing 4-1 start to the season.

Tonight's game by the numbers:
Team Canada - World Flip Cupper runs: 4
Non-functional CD Players: 1 (On songs NOT to have sex to night! Not cool!)
Songs able to be played in the first inning before it crapped out: 2
Runs allowed by Team Canada: 0!
Actual rounds of Flip Cup played this season: 0!
Terrible calls by the umpire: it would take too long to count.
Missing teeth by the umpire: see above.
Trying to come up with more of these so that I can say "priceless": Priceless!

Quote of the year - after the game, someone on the other team said, "There's a reason they're 4-1". :)

The one bad call I'm complaining about was on a pop up to the 2nd baseman, there were 2 outs, I was on first. He was just inside the base line, I was running towards second. He was well enough in front of me that I just went straight towards 2nd. At the last second he backs up right into my path and barely bumps me and drops the ball. I get called out for interference! WTF? Am I wrong? I can understand that if he's in my path I should go around him, but he's the one backed into my path at the last second! How am I supposed to account for that?

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Jennifer said...

Haha, looks like we missed a good game!