Thursday, October 2, 2008

Why I'm Dumb (Part 296)

After last night's 12-3 (I think?) kickball loss, we all headed to the bar. I was pretty hungry at this point, but I didn't want just a plain bar burger. So I saw a burger on the menu that was a "Black Bean Burger". In my head, I'm thinking its a burger with black beans and a corn salsa on top. That's different. It never occurred to me, but when the waitress didn't ask me how I wanted my burger cooked...I should've known. It was a meat-less burger!!!!!!! I'm such an IDIOT!!!!!!

1 comment:

Stuart said...

If you put enough onions, peppers, bbq sauce, tomatoes and lettuce who the hell would know what else was in the burger.

BTW who ever heard of a burger with beans in it anyway.