Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thrashers "Unleash" New Third Jerseys

At tonight's Face-Off event, the Atlanta Thrashers unveiled their third / alternate jerseys. And, uhhhhhh, I don't like all. To me they look like basketball jerseys. In fact, here's a quote from someone on a message board,

"That third jersey's got to be one of the ugliest jerseys in sports. It's a
Hawks jersey with long sleeves!"

That's probably about as accurate as I could come up with. They're gonna wear these things at 14 (of 41) home games this year, starting with the game on November 14th.

Here are some pictures. The numbers on the front of the jerseys are NOT normally supposed to be that big:

They kinda look a little more tolerable from behind...

Wow, it gets worse! You know its bad when ESPN is talking about how bad our new third jerseys are!

Let's hear it for the Thrashers, who've set a new standard for bad design with their new alternate uniform. The massive chest number belongs in the NBA, the shoulder logo belongs on a San Diego Chargers jersey, and the socks belong back on the drawing board. Additional photos here, if you dare, and here's a schedule of when this uniform will be worn, so you can make other plans for those dates.

My biggest problem, beside the huge numbers on the front, is that the theme for home games is "Believe in Blueland". Anyone see a problem there???

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Stuart said...

So does this mean your kickball team will not be getting the same ones?